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January 2018

Holiday in Norway | Pulpit Rock Adventure

Holiday in Norway

Are you planning a holiday in Norway, an adventure trip around Lysefjorden? Then maybe a guided tour to the Pulpit Rock or Kjerag Mountain will be something for you. Whether it’s a 3 day camping, high climb, an incredible stroll across a stunning landscape, we have an option for all ages and budgets. Rogaland county is large and varied, and the diversity of the landscape is astonishing. A mountain adventure can begin in the Lysefjord which is referred to as...

April 2016

Affordable accommodation | Pulpit Rock Adventure

Possibilities for accommodation

Efforts are being made to put in place a small cottage, with room for 3-5 people. When you visit the Pulpit Rock it shall also be possibilities for accommodation with us. Or maybe you want to spend the night in Lavvu? Whatever your requirements may be, we want to assist so that you get a pleasant experience of Lysefjorden and the Pulpit Rock. So if you are headed out to a holiday in Norway, and to enjoy the beautiful areas that...

Hike with guide to Preikestolen | Pulpit Rock Adventure
The group we guided to the Pulpit Rock | Pulpit Rock Adventure
Pulpit Rock guided hike | Pulpit Rock Adventure

Hike to the Pulpit Rock

Then we had a fantastic hike to the Pulpit Rock along with 15 Americans and Canadians. Hundreds of photos along the way and a smashing good meat soup at the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge when we were down again. Thanks to you all, we'll meet again some other year? Request a quote for a similar guided hike to The Pulpit Rock. A mountain adventure can begin in the Lysefjord which is referred to as one of the world’s most dramatic fjords, home to...


We are on the move, and will move our business to Northern Norway, we will therefore no longer be operational in Ryfylke (Preikestolen).

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