About Us

About Us

The site title comes from the English translations of Preikestolen or Prekestolen (Preacher’s Pulpit or Pulpit Rock). Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) consists of a steep cliff which rises 604m (1,982 ft) above Lysefjorden, opposite the Kjerag plateau, with an almost flat top, which is approximately 25x25m (82×82 ft) wide.

Pulpit Rock Adventure was established in 2015 with the purpose to support the ever increasing Tourism at the site, which in recent years, with between 250,000 and 300,000 visitors annually, makes it one of the most visited natural tourist attractions in Norway. We have office in the beautiful village Meling in Forsand while store and warehouse is located at Industrivegen 48, 4110 FORSAND, Norway.


Exciting Adventures In And Around The Lysefjord

Rogaland county in the south west Norway is large and varied, and the diversity of the landscape is astonishing. A mountain adventure can begin in the Lysefjord which is referred to as one of the world’s most dramatic fjords, home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders like Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock), Kjerag Mountain and the Flørli 4444 (The world’s longest wooden staircase). The wild and beautiful fjord cuts its way more than 40 kilometres into the country, surrounded by steep mountains.

At Pulpit Rock Adventure, we take pride in providing you with the best solutions while visiting Norway.

For people seeking solitude, wildness and adventure, a backpacking trip is a great choice. People interested in seeking an outdoor experience but with some home comfort at mind, then a basecamp trip will be the trip for you. And for guests interested in really living it up while here, then you have definitely come to the right place as we know we have a trip for you!

Whether it’s a 3 day camping, high climb, an incredible stroll across a stunning landscape, we have an option for all ages and budgets.

Outdoor Equipment Rentals | Pulpit Rock Adventure

Outdoor Equipment Rentals

Don’t know where to go or what to do?

If you are headed out to enjoy the beautiful areas that Lysefjord and its surroundings have to offer, come into Pulpit Rock Adventure, and we will set you up with everything you need to get the most out of your trip.

We offer a comprehensive selection of clothes, fishing and backpacking equipment for rent or sale at competitive rates. Our goal is to provide you with well maintained top quality equipment at the lowest prices.

We hire out great quality gear which will help bring fun and exciting outdoor experiences within your reach. You can hire gear for spring, summer and fall activities. Hire a package of gear or just rent a tent or sleeping bag, and if you are in doubt about what equipment you need for your trip, please contact us and we will assist you in selecting the right equipment for your particular adventure.

If you want to arrive in Lysefjorden “empty handed” then we also offer complete packages tailored to suit your requirements.

Please contact us well in advance of your trip, even if you can’t find the equipment you are looking for as we can most probably help you anyway.

Reserve online, send us an email, or call us (+47 40010034) as soon as you can to reserve your backpacking, or camping tents and equipment.

The Pulpit Rock Team | Pulpit Rock Adventure

Our Best Greetings

We believe that creating a social environment will further fostering us to embrace our passion for any adventure the nature can give us. We plan every detail ensuring you’re in safe hands. We aim to provide our customers with equipment that works satisfactorily under all conditions.

Venche is probably not the most experienced in the field but she has shown a growing interest in the pleasures that nature provides. She has been on many tours in the area and can be described as a safe and stable mountaineer who loves long walks with backpack and tent.

Rune has a lifelong experience within mountaineering, backpacking, hunting and fishing, he has walked and climbed in the Swiss Alps, he has lived for five years in Svalbard, and is a former parachutist who has rediscovered the pleasures that nature provides through mountaineering and adventures in the Norwegian mountains.

Please contact us even if it applies no less than a shorter fishing trip or a few hours of mountaineering in and around the Lysefjord. We will do our best to get the rental equipment you need and to make you have an enjoyable experience.

Our History

Our History | Pulpit Rock Adventure
Our History | Pulpit Rock Adventure
Our History | Pulpit Rock Adventure


We are on the move, and will move our business to Northern Norway, we will therefore no longer be operational in Ryfylke (Preikestolen).

If you are interested in this website and / or our domains related to this website, please contact us by e-mail or phone +47 40010034.

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